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Improve the mechanical machining accuracy of the method


    In machining, hard to avoid producing error, if want to ensure the work efficiency, reduce material waste, reduce labor, should ensure and improve the machining accuracy. So, what are the methods of improve the machining accuracy?

    Original error reduction method: production, if find any errors, you should first find out the main factor influencing the machining error, and then think of some way to eliminate or reduce these factors. For example when processing has shaped the parts, mainly to reduce the forming shape cutter error and the installation error of cutter.

    Original error compensation method: artificially creates a new error to offset the original error in the process system, when the original error is negative artificially error that comes at positive value, on the other hand, negative, and try to make the two sizes are equal.

    Original error transfer method: original error of process system, under certain condition, can make the transfer to the machining error of the sensitive direction or the other does not affect the machining accuracy of aspects. For example: when the machine tool accuracy can not meet the part processing requirements, can find a way from the process or fixture, create conditions to make the machine tool geometric error transferred to does not affect the machining accuracy of aspects.

    Original error average method: if the positioning error is big, can use differentiation some original error method. Is according to the size of the original error are divided into ”n” groups, each group of blank error range is reduced to “1 / n”, and then according to each groups adjust and process respectively.

    Original error homogenization method: for parts machining accuracy requirement is very high, can use the homogenization method. Make use of closely related surface compared to each other, in contrast to find out differences, and then to correct each other or each other baseline processing, make the error of the work piece machined surface is shrinking and all.

    In mechanical processing, mechanical machining accuracy error is inevitable, only the analysis of factors affecting error in detail, in order to take corresponding preventive measures to reduce machining error, and improve the machining efficiency.

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