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Hydraulic technology application


    Hydraulic technology, as a result of its transmission power is big, easy to transfer and configuration, is widely used in industry, civil industry. Hydraulic technology use PASCAL's law, airtight liquid pressure, to be able to the size doesn’t change that transfer all directions. So exert a small force on a small area piston, through the hydraulic system spread, will spread pressure to the other side large area piston, as a result, can appear bigger force.

    Hydraulic technology completely can meet technical requirements of tightness and durability is high in all components manufacturing. For example hydraulic damper, it is a kind of speed responsive shake control device. It has the aid of special construction valve control hydraulic cylinder piston move in order to suppress influence of pipeline or equipment periodicity load and impact load. That means when by the force caused movement exceed allowed speed, hydraulic damper will lock and load, and the speed limit in a certain speed value.

    Compared with mechanical drive and electrical drive, hydraulic drive has a great advantage. Hydraulic drive various components, can according to the needs, flexible and convenient to decorate. Its weight is light, volume is small, motion inertia is small and reaction is fast. Hydraulic machinery control convenient, can realize a wide range of stepless speed regulation, also can realize overload protection. The biggest advantage is easy to realize the machine automation, when using electro hydraulic combined control, not only can realize a higher degree of automatic control process, also can realize remote control. Greatly improve the working efficiency, reduce the work intensity of the workers. Therefore, all places that have mechanical equipment, all can use hydraulic technology.

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