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Hydraulic drilling system composition

Abstract: Hydraulic drilling commonly known as porous hydraulic drilling machine, Multi-axis drilling machine, porous drilling machine, it is a new type of high efficiency machining equipment. 
Hydraulic drilling is a kind of hole processing equipment. The device is widely used in the processing of high precision and mass production of high-precision machining industry. The following is composed of PURROS introduces hydraulic drilling system: 
1. Hydraulic drilling spindle system USES the same structure with the principle of power head, through the hydraulic direct drive spindle feed movement up and down, compared to traditional pneumatic bench drill through indirect driving cylinder has big transmission torque, to deliver accurate, more efficient. 
2. Hydraulic drilling electric control system adopts advanced integrated circuit control. The key electrical parts are stable and reliable control, long life and other characteristics. Adopt variable vane pump, hydraulic system has stable operation, low noise, low temperature rise. 
3. Hydraulic drilling independent cooling system, equipped with cooling pump motor and mobile tank can automatically provide cooling liquid, has the overload protection device, protects the lack of a link and the burning motor overload indicator circuit. Can accord to customer need to configure the various types of multi-axis drilling machine and various types of oil pressure fixture. Can accord to customers' needs with peck drilling function, can easily realize the deep hole processing. 
4. Hydraulic drilling mainly consists of power head, hydraulic system, electric control system, stand column, base, trip switch, oil valve, work table parts, etc.  
Hydraulic drilling advantages, Hydraulic drilling application, Oil pressure drilling machine system, Drilling spindle system

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