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Hydraulic buffer introduction

  Abstract: Hydraulic buffer is to rely on the hydraulic damping of objects on the role in its reduction to stop, have a certain degree of protection. 
  Hydraulic buffer working principle
  When hydraulic buffer by collision, kinetic energy after the plug head and accelerate the spring to the piston, the movement to the right. The original buffer work chamber is equipped with a reset spring, plunger, and the oil. The movement of the piston squeezes the working chamber of the oil, makes its reset spring compression, and at the same time makes the oil from the annular space between the piston and the plunger extrusion, into the oil storage chamber. At the beginning of the piston movement, due to large and the annular space between the push rod, the oil is easy to be squeezed out; In piston continue to exercise, the annular space are getting smaller and smaller, the piston resistance increasing, to stem the cylindrical phase after the annular clearance for difficult can tell, the resistance is stable to the maximum. Buffer is compressed is through the process of piston squeeze oil the process of doing work. A process that consumes a large amount of kinetic energy has to buffer action. When the work finished, push the piston is reset spring to original location, to complete a working cycle. 
  Hydraulic buffer areas of application: 
  Hydraulic buffer is suitable for lifting transportation, metallurgy, port machinery, railway vehicle etc machinery and equipment, prevent hard collisions prevent damage of parts in transit safety buffer device. 
  Hydraulic buffer main features: 
  Hydraulic buffer is relying on the cylinder wall arranged a series of special throttle holes, throttle holes decrease with the buffer displacement increasing. So as to achieve uniform buffer, its structure is compact. Absorption strength is big, and no rebound, in ensures maximum deceleration and buffer size under the condition of minimum, the speed is higher than 2 m/S or movement on the quality of a large crane, appropriate USES hydraulic buffer. 
Hydraulic buffer working principle, Hydraulic buffer application areas, Hydraulic buffer main feature

Tags:  Hydraulic buffer working principle Hydraulic buffer application areas Hydraulic buffer main feature 

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