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How to choose the better electric tapping machine?


    Affect the tapping speed of electric tapping machine factor are many, such as: product material, variety, eating into the number of teeth, the hole shape, cutting material and cutting oil, etc. If you want to product of high quality, work efficiency is fast, when choosing electric tapping machine must take into account these factors.

    Of course, when choose and buy electric tapping machine, should also pay attention to these matters: first electric tapping machine is a kind of electric tool, it is by motor and electromagnet as the power, through transmission mechanism drive head tapping processing of mechanization tool. So electric tapping machine should have the characteristics such as easy to carry, the operation is simple, functional diversity etc., compared with hand tool can improve labor productivity, compared with the pneumatic tool, its high efficiency, low cost and easy control. Which is widely used in construction, automobile, machinery, electric power, bridge, gardening etc.

    Second the appearance of the electric tapping machine should be uniform color, plastic surface have no obvious shadow and dent, there should be no scratches or knock against, the whole surface should be no grease and stain. With the hand grip, switch handle should level off.

    Finally, should check the tool whether equipped with effective radio interference suppressor. Is held by hand tool, switch on, frequently operation switch, make tool frequent starting, observe tool switch on and off function whether reliable. At the same time observe the scene of the TV set, fluorescent lamp if there is abnormal phenomenon.


 Electric Tapping Machine
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