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How much do you know about the automatic drilling machine?

  Abstract: With the development of The Times, automatic drilling machine drilling technology to promote, using automatic drilling machine for all kinds of metal mold, watchband, and jewelry precedes drilling obvious advantages. 
Automatic drilling machine application range:  
1, application and the exploration of mineral deposits, meanwhile, in the nonferrous metal and so on exploration has an important role; 
2, in roads, railways and so on other construction used for digging the ground, rock etc; 
3,in mining and drilling of mines process, use for drilling of mines digging, as well as vents, blasting point cutting; 
Automatic drilling machine operation matters needing attention:  
1, the machine started running, forbid remove the protective cover; 
2, the end of each work, want to clean the machine, keep the machine clean; 
3, the machine at the time of operation, Can not be carried out on the machine for refueling work; 
4, when the machine is running, non operating personnel should stay away from the machine. 
Automatic drilling machine operating way
1. Will control cabinet selection switches in the automatic position; 
2. Press the start button, the machine will work in an automatic way; 
3. Press the Stop button, the machine will stop immediately. 
Automatic drilling machine application, Automatic drilling machine operating mode, Drilling machine matters needing attention, Drilling machine operation

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  • Power head spindle


     Power head drill tapping spindle head power components, drilling, tapping operations, can also be equipped with multi-axis device, improve efficiency. Is the product of high precision machining, production products can match for automatic operation, such as: motorcycle parts, auto parts and other parts of high requirements and production. Can be designed into drilling tapping cutting machine.

    Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. The main production and sales all kinds of power head, to introduce the power head spindle under the following several advantages:


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  • The Radical Efficiency of the Pot Vending Machine


    There should probably be a law—of marketing, of psychology, of thermodynamics—holding that every commercial product, given a long enough tenure on the planet, will eventually end up being sold in a vending machine. Cupcakes. Kale. Crabs. Caviar. Lobster. Beer. Pizza. French fries. Smartphones. Underwear.


    And now… pot.

    After medicinal marijuana was legalized in Washington state in 2012, dispensaries sprang, almost fully formed, from a previously underground market. In short order—the second law of vendodynamics being what it is—something else ...


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  • Work principle and advantage of magnetic drill



        Magnetic drill, also known as iron absorption drill, magnetic block drill rig, perforating machine, steel drill, iron plate drill, magnetic electric drill, electric drill machine etc.

        Magnetic drill is to use electromagnetic induction through the magnetic holder, the drill stand and swing adsorption in the iron and steel work piece surface drilling mechanism, using the drilling process of a movable efficient tool. After electrify, magnetic drill through electromagnetic effect produce vertical to the magnetic underside thousands of kilograms of magnetic attra...


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  • India post aimed at online business began to increase cooperation with electricity enterprises


           On June 15, according to the economic times of India reported that more and more people use online shopping e-commerce platform, which then led to post and rapid development of logistics industry in India. India post also see business opportunities, is trying to increase cooperation with electricity.


          According to estimates, India's current postal department every day carrying more than 200000 pieces of packages, the number has doubled compared with a year ago.


           India maharashtra postmaster-general ashok Kumar said, the volume of ...



  • The role of high speed power head and USES


     Power head also calls the dynamic cutter holder, is installed on the power tool turret, is driven by servo motor. This kind of cutter holder normally used in car milling compound machine, there are a few can be used in the driving force of knife tower on the machining center.

    Along with the growing complexity of the machined part,, class of accuracy and machining efficiency, axial, high speed machine tool becomes more necessary conditions, in addition to machining center machine to multiple skills, has early by the horizontal lathe developed many new processing form...


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