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How much do you know about the automatic drilling machine?

  Abstract: With the development of The Times, automatic drilling machine drilling technology to promote, using automatic drilling machine for all kinds of metal mold, watchband, and jewelry precedes drilling obvious advantages. 
Automatic drilling machine application range:  
1, application and the exploration of mineral deposits, meanwhile, in the nonferrous metal and so on exploration has an important role; 
2, in roads, railways and so on other construction used for digging the ground, rock etc; 
3,in mining and drilling of mines process, use for drilling of mines digging, as well as vents, blasting point cutting; 
Automatic drilling machine operation matters needing attention:  
1, the machine started running, forbid remove the protective cover; 
2, the end of each work, want to clean the machine, keep the machine clean; 
3, the machine at the time of operation, Can not be carried out on the machine for refueling work; 
4, when the machine is running, non operating personnel should stay away from the machine. 
Automatic drilling machine operating way
1. Will control cabinet selection switches in the automatic position; 
2. Press the start button, the machine will work in an automatic way; 
3. Press the Stop button, the machine will stop immediately. 
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