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Global oil and gas industry mergers and acquisitions in 2016 will accelerate

SanfordC.Bernstein said the global oil and natural gas industry mergers and acquisitions will accelerate next year, and then will bring crude oil prices rise.
SanfordC.Bernstein's analysts said in a report: "we believe that those companies with strong balance sheets and limited organic growth will acquire companies that are rich in resources but have poor balance sheets."
The report notes that in the past 50 years, every time the oil price drop will lead to an increase in mergers and acquisitions.


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  • 4.0 made in China not only industry, but also called on industry to the Internet


    At present, China's consumption of the Internet has been developed, but the Internet industry has not yet formed the climate. Should promote manufacturing resources with the depth of the Internet in China.


    Tags:  China's manufacturing enterprises 

  • The development prospects of machine tool accessories


    China's machine tool industry is affected by the financial crisis hit hard, all sorts of policy also greatly encouraged the development of machine tool accessories business, encourage continuously seek to develop in the crisis, due to the influence of economic crisis, machine tool accessories market overall contraction, the user's requirements more strict, plus foreign major machine tool enterprises competitive pressure, make relevan...


    Tags:  machine tool 

  • It is very important to how to correctly use of porous drilling machine


    Porous drilling machine is a kind of applied in mechanical field drilling, tapping machine tool equipment, equipped with process equipment on porous drilling machine, boring, on the porous drilling machine drilling machine with universal table can also drilling, reaming, reaming, deserve to go up a long auger drilling machine or tapping machine can put several at a time, and even a decade or two, a hole or thread due to its superior performance, porous drill is widely ...



  • Beijing this year will be implemented "departure tax refund" policy, to stimulate the inbound tourism market


    Beijing this year will departure tax rebate policy, the implementation of overseas tourists to stimulate the inbound tourism market.

    On the morning of April 21, Beijing tourism industry association, Beijing overseas exchange association with 15 countries 20 overseas Chinese food industry association representatives signed the Beijing quality tourism resources to promote the strategic cooperation agreement. Vice mayor Cheng Gong said after the signing ceremony, overseas Chinese overseas Chinese great role to promote tourism in Beijing, in order to promote the ...


    Tags:  Beijing tourism industry 

  • Power head manufacturer


       Power head also calls the dynamic cutter holder, is installed on the power tool turret, is driven by servo motor. This kind of cutter holder normally used in car milling compound machine, there are a few can be used in the driving force of knife tower on the machining center.

      With the growing complexity of the machined part,, class of accuracy and machining efficiency, mechanical industry gradually emerged more and more manufacturer power head. Taizhou road machinery co., LTD. Is located in the manufacturing industry developed new city of taizhou city, zhejiang ...


    Tags:  Power head manufacturer Power head manufacturer The concept of power head