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Drilling machine of the compressor


    Compressor, low pressure gas promote to high pressure for driven fluid machinery. Is the heart of the refrigeration system, it from the suction intake of the low temperature low pressure refrigerant gas, through the motor run a piston to compress, the exhaust pipes to the high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas, refrigeration cycle to provide power, so as to realize compression – condensation - inflation - evaporation (heat) refrigeration cycle.

    Compressor can be divided into piston compressor, screw compressor, centrifugal compressor, etc.

    Piston compressor’ work is cylinder, valve and the piston of reciprocating motion in the cylinder make work continuous change to complete. Piston compressor is mainly composed of body, crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, valve, seal, oil pump, power conditioning, oil circulating system and other parts.

    Screw compressor consists of a pair of parallel, intermesh negative and positive screw rod, is one of the most widely used in the compressor.

    Centrifugal compressor is made up of rotor, stator and bearing, etc. Impeller and other parts set on the main shaft consists rotor, rotor bearings on bearing, driven by engine and high-speed rotation. Stator includes enclosure, partition, seal, inlet chamber, volute chamber etc. parts.

    Once the drilling machine can not run normally, you should stop check, first check the compressor if an exception occurs. Compressor doesn't need lubricating oil, if oil painting in any parts of the compressor, will lead to emissions of the gases to be contaminated. Before any repair of the drilling machine, should shut down the compressor, the air in the cylinder ruled out entirely, may carry through.

    When drilling machine power unit work normal, open the compressor switch. To gas reservoir in gas compressor start at this moment, you can see at the top of the gas reservoir pressure gauge on the compressor and the cylinder work if normal. When the pressure in the cylinder reaches a certain you can use the control handle to control drilling machine start working, maximum pressure in the cylinder can be preset, and adjustable.

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