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Drilling machine maintenance and preserve


    To extend the service life of drilling machine, slow parts wear and prevent all kinds of failure, then for drilling machine for daily maintenance and preserve.

    Drilling machine daily maintenance required in each time before work or after work, conducted by drilling machine operators. The regular preserve must be carried out by professionals, general preserve cycle is once a year or half a year at a time. Below is a drilling machine daily maintenance and preserve should pay attention to the problem.

    Daily maintenance:

    1. Before work or after work need to do a good job of cleaning drilling machine. Drill floor, machine tool, guide rail, screw rod and handle to often wash, keep the lathe bed and around clean, no oil. To check drilling machine parts whether has rust, protect the paint.

    2. The drilling machine in the case of not working, should seal save, cover sealing film outside.

    Regular preserve is mainly aimed at two aspects of mechanical components and systems, mechanical parts preserve content including ball screw, guide rail, drive shaft and other parts of the preserve. For the system preserve, should pay attention to many matters.

    Numerical control system preserve, should pay attention to the items are:

    1. To prevent dust into the numerical control device;

    2. Regular cleaning the CNC cabinet cooling ventilation system;

    3. Regularly monitoring numerical control system of power grid voltage, power grid voltage range shall be maintained within the rating;

    4. When the numerical control system don’t work for a long time, should often give numerical control system electricity or make drilling machine move general machine program.

    Pneumatic system preserve, should pay attention to the items are:

    1. Remove impurities and water of compressed air;

    2. Keep the system tightness;

    3. Pay attention to adjust the working pressure;

    4. Clean or replace the pneumatic components, filter cartridge.

    Completes the maintenance and preserve work, can make the drilling machine normal operation, prolong service life, do not waste labour power and resources, save a lot of trouble for the future work.

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