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Difference between tapping power head and drilling power head

  Abstract: In the market, tapping power head and drilling power head can't be used at the same speed processing. So you can't use the same power head drilling tapping process. 
  When customers choose power head, often there will be a lot of customers asked me to buy a drilling power head, after machining holes, drill change to wire tapping, whether can directly tap? In view of this situation, we are listed below drilling and tapping of different principles to be explained. 
  In the processing industry, the drilling power head is mainly used for workpiece drilling, milling, reaming and so on, so according to the materials, processing ability, etc have different choice. 
  Tapping power head mainly has bottom hole, mainly has bottom hole, and then on a workpiece forming, squeezes out the thread, processing the required tooth gauge. 
  Drilling power head and tapping power head the biggest difference is the spindle speed. Rotational speed of drilling power head is relatively faster than the speed of tapping the power head. Drilling power head can use an air cylinder or hydro-cylinder as a force for progress. Tapping power head will not do must be according to your own speed to set the speed, by sample gauge or gear at the back forward reaction. Through template or gear as a forward and backward forces. 
  So, in the market, tapping power head and drilling power head can't use the same speed processing, therefore, do not use the same power head drilling tapping processing. 
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