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Cutting tool industry development rapidly

 Manufacturing industry in our country, most companies rely on cheap labor as the main means of cost reduction, less attention by improving the processing means to improve efficiency in order to save costs, China's manufacturing tool consumption level is low, only accounts for 1% ~ 2% of the manufacturing cost. Materials to the production and development of human is basis, from the stone, bronze, iron, until into the modern era of industrialization, in the human exploration of the world, the change of cutting tools has played a key role.


In modern manufacturing powerhouse, nc machine tools and efficient cutting tool especially carbide cutting tools development law of mutual coordination, balance, obviously, for manufacturing a full play to the best configuration and equipment potential solutions. According to relevant data show that global manufacturing machining cost more than $400 billion each year, including tooling costs about $20 billion. Manufacturing in the developed countries in recent years a large number of modern, efficient cutting tool is used to improve labor productivity, cost savings of $100 billion a year for manufacturing, much higher than on the cutting tool. In developed countries, economic and stable development of a normal year, annual tool consumption scale, broadly stable in about half of the consumption of the machine.


With the thriving development of market economy, our country cutter mold industry growing market demand, the high efficient cutting tool market prospects in China. The cutting tool industry in China is developing very rapidly, still maintained a high growth momentum, and is expected to create a new all-time high. Huge market demand is an important factor in China's tool industry thrive. Under the stimulus of consumption, production scale is expanding our tools.

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