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Combination machine tool


    Combination machine tool is based on general component, according to the particular shape of work piece and machining process design is special part and jig, consisting of a semi-automatic or automatic special machine tool. Due to general part has standardization and seriation, can be flexibly configured according to need, to shorten design and manufacturing cycle. Therefore, combination machine tool both the advantages of low cost and high efficiency, it is widely used in large, mass production, and can be used to form automatic production line.

    Combination machine tool general part according to the function can be divided into power part, bearing part, transmission part, control part and auxiliary part. Power part is to combination machine tool provide main motion and feed motion. Mainly include the power box, cutting head and power sliding table. Bearing part is to install power sliding table, with a feed mechanism cutting head or fixture etc. part, has side base, middle base, bracket, adjustable leg, column and column base, etc. Transmission part is to send the work piece or spindle box to processing workstation part, mainly include dividing rotating table, ring form dividing rotating table, dividing drum and reciprocating motion table etc. Control part is used to control machine tool automatic work cycle part, has hydraulic station, electrical cabinet and bench board, etc. Auxiliary part has a lubricating device, cooling device and chip removal device, etc.

    Combination machine tool is used for processing box or special shape part. When processing, the work piece is generally not rotate, by the cutter rotation motion and cutter and work piece relative feed movement, to implement a drilling, reaming, counter boring, boring, milling plane, cutting internal and external screw thread and processing excircle, end face and so on. Some combination machine tools using turning head clamping work piece to rotate, the cutter feed movement, also can achieve some revolving body parts (such as flywheel, vehicle rear axle shaft etc.) of the excircle and end face processing.

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     As the needs of large-scale industrial production and the rapid development of science and technology, using special equipment synthesis of modern high-speed lines and multifunctional and efficient combination machine tools, in many industries has become guarantee the accuracy of product, reduce the production cost, improve labor productivity, and one of the key measures of enterprise competitiveness.

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