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Classification and function of the clutch


    Clutch is the car or other machinery engine power is passed on to the axle in the form of switch device. Is located between the engine and transmission in the flywheel shell, with screw will be fixed in the clutch assembly plane after the flywheel, clutch output shaft is the transmission input shaft.

    Clutch is associated directly with the engine in the vehicle drive train assembly part. From the start to the normal car traveling throughout the process, the driver according to the need to control the clutch, make the engine and drive train temporarily separation or joint gradually, to cut off or transfer the engine to the transmission output power. Its role is to ensure that the car a smooth start, to achieve a smooth change gear, to prevent the transmission system overload and so on.

    Clutch can be divided into electromagnetic clutch, magnetic powder clutch and friction clutch.

    Electromagnetic clutch, depends on the coil on-off electricity to control the clutch joint and separation. According to the structure and function of the electromagnetic clutch, it can be divided into dry type monolithic electromagnetic clutch, dry type multi-disc electromagnetic clutch and wet type multi-disc electromagnetic clutch, etc. According to the electromagnetic clutch working way can be divided into: on electricity combination and off electricity combination.

    Magnetic powder clutch, between drive part and driven part lay up magnetic powder, off electricity magnetic powder is in loose condition, on electricity magnetic powder combined, make the drive part and driven part move at the same time. Have can be adjusted by electricity adjust the torque, allow larger slip advantages, but the price is higher.

    Friction clutch, which is the most widely used type of clutch, it is basically made of drive part, driven part, compaction mechanism and the operating mechanism. Drive part, driven part and compaction mechanism are basic structure to ensure the clutch in a joint state and can drive power, and operating mechanism main role is to make the clutch separate and joint.

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