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Chongqing robot company will lead to build the Midwest robot intelligence largest factory

From "made in China, chongqing intelligence industry summit", according to years of chongqing robot co., LTD., are teaming up to hunan changtai robot co., LTD., robots in changsha industrial concentration zone led to build a robot production factory. This will be the Midwest's largest, the highest level of intelligent robot intelligent plant project, is expected to build in 2017, then the phase ii project is expected to start in chongqing.


On May 29, according to People's Daily news, in recent years, automobile and motorcycle enterprises, such as construction of changan, robot has really took to the assembly line. "In many production processes and link, the robot operations can be greatly increased the production efficiency, and more precise operation." Co., LTD. Chongqing robot controller introduces, based on intelligence technology, "chongqing" industrial robots have identification, induction, feedback, and other functions, make production system realize intelligence in a larger extent possible.


The intelligent robot factory, after the production of "changsha will produce in the true sense of" robot ", not only have one form, and is more flexible in terms of perception, intelligent control, can interact with people." Chongqing robot co., LTD., general manager of high ray said the smart plant will be through the virtual simulation technology, digital manufacturing, processing and manufacturing system into robot intelligence technology, realize the annual output of 3000 sets of the size of the robot.



According to the ministry forecast that by 2020, the number of the domestic demand for industrial robots each year and updated totaled 494300, 300 billion yuan will drive the size of the market. Currently active in the domestic factory workshop, however, many people do not have the shape of the robot, can be on the assembly line of industrial robots, the lack of new perception, cutting-edge technology such as intelligent control.

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