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Change the Industrial Ecological Revolution



What is the 4.0 ? Germany Hamburg Academy of science academician Zhang Jianwei said, industry 4.0 means to industrial Internet, cloud computing, robotics technology together, the integration of the production process, so that a more intelligent, more predictable in the whole production process. China Ministry of industry and information technology minister Miao Wei said, future intelligent equipment, products will be through the cable and wireless communication way together, is what we often say that the Internet of things or industrial internet.


According to the current industry consensus, industrial 4.0 will cover three main aspects: the first is "smart factory", namely the intelligent way of transformation of production system and production process, the realization of intelligent factory production; second is "intelligent production", mainly relates to the whole enterprise production logistics management, human-computer interaction and 3D print technology application in the industrial production process and so on; the third is "intelligent logistics", the use of the Internet of things way to integrate logistics resources, fully improve logistics efficiency.


The expert expresses, industry 4.0 times, through the computer autonomous control and networking, people, the machine will be connected to each other through the information, production process is not only the manufacture of the product is the process of information processing, manufacturing and information industry will be the depth of integration and create a new industry and business model. The future, manufacturing industry will achieve higher production efficiency and production flexibility. Industry 4 is not a simple technical innovation, change will bring production pattern and even the entire industrial ecology, is called the fourth industrial revolution.


Industry 4 .0 specific can realize? The Ministry of international economic and technological cooperation center of director of Institute of electronic commerce Wang Xiwen describes a process: the receipt of customer orders, the factory will be immediately and automatically to the suppliers of raw materials procurement of raw materials. After the arrival of raw materials, will be given information, "this is a process of a certain product raw material" of a custom in the raw materials at the "know" their own use. Enter the production process, raw materials and production equipments will carry out "dialogue", to enter the correct production line. The raw materials are embedded in the product after, still retains the path of information flow, which can realize tracking and tracing.


For industry 4.0 in the consumer sense of the definition of Electronic Commerce Research Institute of University of International Business and Economics, senior fellow Cao Hong said that the industry will put 4 intelligent factories, logistics and distribution, consumer woven into a network, the network will give consumers personalized requirements in the order sent to the intelligent plant, by the procurement of raw materials, design and production, give consumers through the network direct distribution, realize the customization production.

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