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CNC machine tool industry development with Chinese characteristics

Development path of China's CNC machine tool industry has its own distinctive way to go, the key is to accelerate business-oriented, market-oriented, a combination of technological innovation system.

First, the machine tool industry to support the formation of technology innovation system.

According to the development needs of high-end CNC machine tools in the machine tool industry there are plans to build automation equipment for the automotive industry, the formation of five large state-precision complex metal forming machine tools, ultra-precision grinding, special processing, high-end CNC machine tools and CNC system performance test centers level engineering research centers and national laboratories to consolidate and develop about 30 state-level enterprise technology development center, each share of CNC precision machine tools, forming machine tools, small CNC machine tools, CNC gear machine, EDM, machining centers and flexible unit, CNC heavy duty machine tools, CNC tools, digital meter, features, numerical control systems, flexible manufacturing line and other areas of technology and product development tasks.


Second, the implementation of the "demand-oriented host traction, key breakthrough, face advance," the technical route.

End CNC machine tools in new product development project to the actual needs of market users as the basis, the development of common and key technologies and features to host the development of traction, in order to meet demand for the fundamental purpose of the host. CNC machine tools to strengthen common and key technologies such as high-speed technology, intelligent technology, composite technology and environmental protection technology and other research, common and key technology research must be based on the development of high-end CNC machine tools as the main objective, to improve machine reliability and industrialization level.

To backbone enterprise technical innovation of CNC machine tools and features as the main achieve tripartite combine research, through the introduction of technology digestion innovation, integrated innovation and original innovation, etc., to grasp the contemporary numerical key technology, the development of varieties, improve self-development capacity, improve the ability of domestic numerical control system and supporting key features of, in particular, to improve China-made high-end CNC machine tools supporting capacity.

But also to key projects as the basis, accelerate the promotion of China-made high-end CNC machine tools. CNC equipment for a number of major projects through the "research with" the development of cooperation and joint innovation and introduction of technology digestion, etc. to operate, the implementation of country-led government procurement and other policy-oriented, strongly encouraged to order and use of domestic first (set) high-end CNC machine tools .

Currently, the first to do a good job to implement the "high-end CNC machine tool applications demonstration project" as a breakthrough, to accelerate the pace of development and industrialization of high-end CNC machine tools varieties, and strive each year 30 a representative of the domestic high-end CNC machine tools projects, making for national defense an important example of military and other manufacturing, high-end CNC machine tools to promote development of new varieties and promote the production of high-volume CNC machine tools into the defense industry and other important manufacturing, high-end CNC machine tools to change a large number of imports.

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  • Automotive retarder of two effect of form is introduced


      Abstract: Automotive in slow or long slope, and enable the retarder can smooth deceleration, eliminates the use of the brakes caused by wear and heat. 
      Automotive retarder gear accordance with its torque role in style, can be divided into primary retarding device and secondary retarding device, the former effect in the front part of the gearbox, while the latter role behind the part of a gearbox. 
      Primary retarding device is a blow to engine device, includes through waste gases  cam adjustment and makes a device for waste ga...


    Tags:  Auto retarder role Auto retarder device classification Retarding device importance Automotive gearbox Retarding device 

  • The characteristics of the two different porous drill


     Porous drill known as drilling machine, multi-axis machine, multi-axis drilling device or multiple spindle head. Is a kind of applied in mechanical field drilling, tapping machine tool equipment. A typical porous drill as long as with ordinary drilling machine can a several or even dozens of twenty hole or thread one-time treatment.

    Porous drill is also called the group of drill, can be used for drilling and tapping, general models are available 2-16 holes, promote efficiency, fixed number of informal model axis, drill spindle form, size can be designed in accordanc...


    Tags:  Porous drill Porous drilling characteristics Multi-axis machine Multi-axis drilling machine Vertical porous drilling Horizontal porous drill 

  • Hydraulic buffer introduction


      Abstract: Hydraulic buffer is to rely on the hydraulic damping of objects on the role in its reduction to stop, have a certain degree of protection. 
      Hydraulic buffer working principle
      When hydraulic buffer by collision, kinetic energy after the plug head and accelerate the spring to the piston, the movement to the right. The original buffer work chamber is equipped with a reset spring, plunger, and the oil. The movement of the piston squeezes the working chamber of the oil, makes its reset spring compression, and at the s...


    Tags:  Hydraulic buffer working principle Hydraulic buffer application areas Hydraulic buffer main feature 

  • Global oil and gas industry mergers and acquisitions in 2016 will accelerate


    SanfordC.Bernstein said the global oil and natural gas industry mergers and acquisitions will accelerate next year, and then will bring crude oil prices rise.
    SanfordC.Bernstein's analysts said in a report: "we believe that those companies with strong balance sheets and limited organic growth will acquire companies that are rich in resources but have poor balance sheets."
    The report notes that in the past 50 years, every time the oil price drop will lead to an increase in mergers and acquisitions.



  • Supply power cutter holder


     Along with the growing complexity of the machined part, class of accuracy and machining efficiency, axial, high speed machine tool becomes more necessary conditions, in addition to the machining center machine to, multiple functions, already by the early horizontal lathe developed many new processing forms, such as double tower, vertical lathe, lathe, and handstand car milling compound model, to conform to the requirements in the new era processing way.

    Power head also calls the dynamic cutter holder, is installed on the power tool turret, is driven by servo motor. ...


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