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Affect machinery machining precision factor


    Product quality is good or bad depends on the machining precision, and there are many factors that can affect the machining precision of machine, the following is produced during machining error factor.

    1, cutter manufacture error

    Different kinds of cutter caused errors have different influence on machining precision. General cutter’s machining precision has not directly influence, cutter size and forming cutter are directly affect the machining precision of size and shape.

    2, jig error

    Jig's role is to make the work piece between cutter and machine tool position accurately, therefore, the positional accuracy of the jig error of the work piece has a great influence. Jig includes the position error, clamp error, jig’s installation etc.

    3, machine tool error

    In processing the cutter relative to the work piece forming sport through machine to complete, and machine tool manufacture error, installation error and the use of wear, are directly affect the machining precision of work piece. Among them main have machine tool spindle rotation motion error, guide motion error and transmission chain error.

    4, in cutting process the cutting force size and the stress point location change caused machining error

    Cutting process, the size, shape and the material hardness of the work piece are different, so the size of the cutting force size will inevitably produce errors. And process system stiffness varies with the change of cutting force bearing point location, the work piece surface cause shape error.

    5, process system temperature distortion cause error

    In mechanical processing, the process system under the action of all kinds of heat sources to produce thermal deformation. Due to process system of heat distribution inhomogeneity and each link structure and material are different, undermined the precise location and kinematic relation of the cutter and work piece, make the process system each part deformation produce error.

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