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Advantages of the drilling power head

Drilling power head with a variety of functions, it can be boring and tapping operations, but also be able to install multi-axis control, to enhance efficiency. For higher precision products have good processing effect, but also for high-volume products with automated operation, the use of a very wide range in the enterprise specific performance advantages:


1. Strong adaptability. Drilling power head can easily adjust and diameter, pitch and stroke threading, adaptability is very strong.

2. Tthe rich variety long trip. It can quickly and easily be converted into a multi-axis uniaxial tapping head tapping head, whether the user is a small batch or mass production, can meet the needs.

3. Eextensive range of processing. Because the tool is rotated into giving synchronized, so when processing very thin or very soft material also can be processed quickly and efficiently out to broaden the range of processing.

4. Selectivity. Spindle rotation by the power feed system and control system components, are high performance drilling equipment, the majority of users to choose the most suitable model from rich models based on processing conditions.

5. The base structure with high accuracy and high rigidity, the spindle motor with a high-performance, high-power motor with low speed to high speed from a wide range of types.

6. High-precision drilling power head base type structure, high rigidity drilling equipment, the spindle motor with a high-performance, high-power motor with low speed to high speed broad types. Tapping spindle head genus power parts, drilling, tapping operations, but also can be equipped with multi-axis reaches improve efficiency results. the product is of high precision machining, mass-produced products can be equipped for automatic operation.

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