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  • Number of US oil rig fell to the lowest since August 2011

       According to the Reuters news agency reported on February 13, the oil rig number fell by 84 to 1056 on February 9, this is the lowest number since August 2011, clearly shows that the oil price collapse has for oil production enterprises.Oil service companies Baker Hughes Inc in its closely watched report said, according to the data back to 1987, this is the second big weekly decline, and it is falling for 10 weeks.Since last June to the end of January this year, U.S. crude oil prices have collapsed down nearly 60%, due to the excess supply and demand market downturn, forcing the Apache ...


    Tags:  Oil Rig  Oil Well Drilling 

  • PURROS Hydro Speed Regulator, Hydraulic Pressure Regulator

        Q1. What does the PURROS Hydro Speed Regulator do?The PURROS Hydro Speed Regulator adjusts the cutting feed rate by using an air cylinder.The appropriate cutting feed rate is determined by the diameter of the object being cut and the workpiece materials.Q2. What is the difference between the RB and RA models?RB○○○○model/Spring return typeThis is better suited for normal drilling processing.In this type, the piston rod returns automatically in an unloaded state.R○○○○A model /Air return type/Step feed typeThis is better suited for deep hole processing.The piston rod doesnt r...


    Tags:  PURROS  Hydro Speed Regulator  Spring Return Type  Air Return Type  Step Feed Type 

  • Baoan district robot industry technology innovation alliance was established

        On February 6, baoan district robot industry technology innovation alliance was established in the opening ceremony. Experts said that the establishment of the alliance will build baoan district and shenzhen robot industry chain enterprises endowment of collaborative innovation of production, study and communication platform, to promote transformation and upgrading of baoan district industry, innovationdriven development strategy has a very positive role.Set up alliance to production venture park multiwinwin situationBaoan district robot industry technology innovation alliance ...


    Tags:  Robot Industry Technology  Industry Enterprise 

  • Internet Web application RoboChop summon netizens use industrial mechanical arm to build furniture

        In march this year, you will be able to through the web app to direct control of industrial mechanical arm. The system called RoboChop and Hanover CeBIT in Germany 2015 exhibition as a live demonstration.Imagine what people on the Internet will use four robotic arm and 2000 raw material to build out what kind of work it? It is reported that users log on to the web app will share material blocks 50x50x50cm, and remote manipulator according to their orders, its cutting operation.Imagine what people on the Internet will use four robotic arm and 2000 to build what it raw? It is rep...


    Tags:  Robotic Arm 

  • The Radical Efficiency of the Pot Vending Machine

       There should probably be a law—of marketing, of psychology, of thermodynamics—holding that every commercial product, given a long enough tenure on the planet, will eventually end up being sold in a vending machine. Cupcakes. Kale. Crabs. Caviar. Lobster. Beer. Pizza. French fries. Smartphones. Underwear.And now… pot.After medicinal marijuana was legalized in Washington state in 2012, dispensaries sprang, almost fully formed, from a previously underground market. In short order—the second law of vendodynamics being what it is—something else sprang up to sell edibles while avoiding the awk...


    Tags:  Vending Machine 

  • Advantages of the drilling power head

       Drilling power head with a variety of functions, it can be boring and tapping operations, but also be able to install multiaxis control, to enhance efficiency. For higher precision products have good processing effect, but also for highvolume products with automated operation, the use of a very wide range in the enterprise specific performance advantages:1. Strong adaptability. Drilling power head can easily adjust and diameter, pitch and stroke threading, adaptability is very strong.2. Tthe rich variety long trip. It can quickly and easily be converted into a multiaxis uniaxial tapping head t...


    Tags:  Drilling Power Head  Drilling Equipment  Drilling 

  • One thousand tons of drilling machine through London overground tunnel

        Construction personnel looking at drilling machine "Elizabeth" through Liverpool street across the east side of the rail station.According to the British "daily mail" reported on January 29th, the British spend £ 15 billion (RMB 141.2 billion) across the rail (Crossrail) project has the latest progress, construction personnel using the 1000 ton drill through London Liverpool Street underground tunnel.This huge machine to Queen "Elizabeth" name, has opened across the eastern side of the Liverpool Street underground tunnel suburban railway station. Now, ...


    Tags:  Drilling Machine 

  • Why Damper windings used in synchronous motors

       Synchronous motors are not self starting machines. These machines are made self starting by providing a special winding in the rotor poles, known as damper winding or squirrel cage windings. The damper winding consists of short circuited copper bars embedded in the the face of the rotor poles.When an ac supply is provided to stator of a 3phase synchronous motor, stator winding produces rotating magnetic field. Due to the damper winding present in the rotor winding of the synchronous motor, machine starts as induction motor (Induction machine works on the principle of induction. Damper windings...


    Tags:  Damper Winding  Self Starting Machine  Functions of Damper Windings  Squirrel Cage Windings 

  • Hydraulic power head

        Hydraulic power head equipment successful use in fujian qingzhou bridge construction, jing ShaChangJiang bridge, Hong Kong tsuen wan nan fung turf revetment pile construction, with a hole drilling speed, the advantage of high quality, highly praised by users.Allhydraulic power head drill, railway and highway bridge, ventilation shaft of coal mine, port terminals, and highrise buildings and other large infrastructure construction drilling the ideal construction equipment, can be in diameter from 1.5 to 1.5 m, the rock uniaxial compressive strength of sigma c or less 200 mpa to choose aper...


    Tags:  Hydraulic power head Hydraulic power head applicability Hydraulic power head manufacturer Hydraulic power head suppliers Hydraulic power head characteristics 

  • Milling head

        Milling head, the installation on the milling machine and connected to the main shaft, used to drive the cutter rotating machine accessories, is the main component of machine tool equipment.The classification of the nc milling bed CNC milling since the industrial revolution, great changes have taken place in machine tool industry. Most people know is milling machine, lathe and drill press, known as the common machine tool, the equipment through technical workers operating the hand wheel moving head make the cutter knife along the right direction to the parts processed by position.Relativ...


    Tags:  Milling head definition Milling head development Milling head characteristics Milling head role 

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