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  • One Belt and One Road: Electricity supplier will usher in the "golden years"

       Since the beginning of this year, with the introduction of major reforms at the national level intensive innovations "One Belt and One Road", "Internet +" action plan, led by the manufacturing sector of the real economy, in particular the development of foreign trade enterprises to usher in a historic opportunity. It is noteworthy that, with the real economy activity, especially in full swing Maritime Silk Road of the 21st century, as the chain of increasingly popular in recent years, crossborder trade electricity providers are undercurrent undercurrents, ready for a new ro...


    Tags:  One Belt and One Road cross-border electricity supplier 

  • Li: there is no deflation in China problem, it is not easy to 7% growth this year

       On the afternoon of March 31, 2015, the state council premier li keqiang at the great hall of the people with an interview with the financial times editorinchief barber and questions for China have deflation problem, Mr Li said: "there is no this problem, more than a third because of China's CPI index is determined by food prices, while China's agricultural harvest last year. But the international commodity prices fell sharply, to China's producer price index (PPI) really caused a lot of pressure. In a sense, we are 'deflation'. Of course, I speak of the 'by deflat...


    Tags:  China's economic growth 

  • Enterprise "labor panic" solution

       A new spring came, the enterprise employment contradiction intensified again, "labor shortage and labor panic" phenomenon intensified. Whether it is personal, social, national, enterprise, labor turnover rate in Chinese society has far exceeded the proportion of many countries. Many enterprise employee turnover rate is generally high, why, employee turnover rate is very high, but the turnover rate is high. An enterprise employee flow rate exceeds the unimaginable, caused the enterprise to have the Spring Festival to the normal operation of production and sales enterprise, lost a lot ...


    Tags:  enterprise "labor panic" solution  multi-spindle tool  multi-axis drilling machine 

  • It is very important to how to correctly use of porous drilling machine

       Porous drilling machine is a kind of applied in mechanical field drilling, tapping machine tool equipment, equipped with process equipment on porous drilling machine, boring, on the porous drilling machine drilling machine with universal table can also drilling, reaming, reaming, deserve to go up a long auger drilling machine or tapping machine can put several at a time, and even a decade or two, a hole or thread due to its superior performance, porous drill is widely used in automobile, motorcycle parts engine box, aluminum casting shell, brake drums, brake discs, steering and other ...



  • Change the Industrial Ecological Revolution

        What is the 4.0 ? Germany Hamburg Academy of science academician Zhang Jianwei said, industry 4.0 means to industrial Internet, cloud computing, robotics technology together, the integration of the production process, so that a more intelligent, more predictable in the whole production process. China Ministry of industry and information technology minister Miao Wei said, future intelligent equipment, products will be through the cable and wireless communication way together, is what we often say that the Internet of things or industrial internet.According to the current industry ...


    Tags:  industrial 4.0  machine  industrial Internet 

  • Machinery Manufacturing: keeping up the whole industrial upgrading and policy themes

       Service robots popularized popular, various industrial upgrading driven investment sentiment in the "white robot" stimulus effect, the concept of service robots attention again by the market enthusiasm. In recent years, the service robot industry market size is growing, rising proportion of household applications, more realistic demand strong, young and old, the high proportion of the population, increasing demand for alternative medical service robots, service robots and labor costs and the price of one rise and fall of the latter is to improve economic efficiency. From a po...


    Tags:  service robots  manufacturing companies  industrial robots  machinery manufacturing 

  • The advantages of self-feeding drilling heads and maintenance advantages

       Advantage of the selffeeding drilling heads:1.  Due to the rotation of the tool is synchronized feeding and therefore very thin or very soft materials can also be efficiently processed;2. Adaptable, you can easily adjust the diameter, pitch and itinerary processing thread;3.  Long stroke, many kinds of accessories, you can easily be replaced with multiaxis uniaxial tapping head tapping head, can meet user needs in small quantities and mass production;4.  Continuous response to the user's highspeed drilling, drilling head, windin base type;5.  The spindle is rotated by e...


    Tags:  the advantages of self-feeding drilling heads and maintenance advantages  spindle  drilling unit  self-feeding drilling heads  drill bit  power head 

  • The mold machine tool industry change, the high-end machine tool into the mainstream

       Mould industry in our country every year a huge import and export amount has been hailed as a "manufacturing power" in the world, but as a result of technical talent and other factors, are relatively concentrated in the field of midrange, highend market for domestic mould enterprises, economic allure is huge. It is understood that China's machine tool consumption has been the world's first for 10 years in a row, has become the world's most active machine tool market, and mould machine tools as one of the important branch, share is also growing.At present, the dome...


    Tags:  machine tools  mould industry mold enterprise  the high-end machine tool into the mainstream 

  • Brazil car sales record the largest decline in 16 years

       According to the Reuters reports, Brazil Automobile Dealers Association (Fenabrave) 3 said, the 2015 Brazil car sales are likely to record the largest decline in 16 years. According to estimates, in the aftermath of the January, after the February car sales plummeted, new car registrations this year is likely to drop a 10% yearonyear, the lowest since 2009, rather than the previously expected 0.5% drop.Because of high interest rates, high inflation leads to household spending, Brazil consumer and business confidence is sharply. Data shows, February, including cars, trucks and buses, new car sa...


    Tags:  auto industry  automobile dealers association  car manufacturers 

  • India gold demand will increase, the marriage season driving demand for gold

       According to American media, traders expected, India gold demand will rise in the short term, the reason is that the world's largest gold consumer announced on February 28, budget unchanged gold import tariffs, eliminating the uncertainty of the policy. India's wedding season is coming, it will also drive demand for gold.A few weeks before the budget, India's gold imports had slowed. Some wholesalers for the Indian government may cut the import tariffs of delayed expected to buy gold.According to the Macquarie Group Ltd., India imports about 39 tons of gold in January, significantl...


    Tags:  Wedding Season 

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