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What is the multi-spindle heads?

Usually, multi-spindle heads are called porous drill, multi-spindle drill heads, multi-spindle machine tool, or multi-spindle heads; it is a new style machining equipment for drilling.
The categories of multi-spindle drill and their features:
According to whether fixed: stationary type and adjustable type
According to shape: type U, T and A
Multi-spindle drill heads U: If the pitch-row straight or rectangle, please using the square of universal multi-spindle heads, avoid the shift leg extended so much long that cause stress was not enough. Use the same as circular type. (Design it cooperating with the pitch of work as much as possible.)
Multi-spindle drill heads type of T can be used in drilling and tapping, light and agile, easy to operate and does not occupy a space, win warm praise from customers.
The adjustable four spindles of type multi-spindle drill heads A due to use the elastic tube clamp type, so the adjustment distance can be reduced, the spacing between two spindles can be adjusted to 18mm, suit to machining for small distance.
What can multi-spindle heads do? (It is used to solve some problems.)
1. It is used to solve many difficult, for example clamping workpiece, fixed position or Positioning is not accurate.
2. It is used in enterprise to solve difficult to recruit.
3. Machining with high efficiency and low costs.
4. It is easy to operate, lower operating technical requirements to operators.
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