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PURROS PRMS-98-2,Multi Spindle Drilling Machine

  • Total amount:$ 1,780.00
  • Quantity: *
Hydro Speed RegulatorUSD 58.80/piece
Hydro Speed RegulatorUSD 238.80/piece
Roller Burnishing ToolsUSD 259.90/piece
Roller Burnishing ToolsUSD 229.90/piece
Multi Spindle HeadUSD 468.80/piece
Multi Spindle HeadUSD 518.80/piece
Self Feed Drill UnitUSD 898.80/piece
Special Purpose MachineUSD 000.00/piece


Drilling Capacity: Customized
Tapping Capacity: Customized
Minimum Range: Customized
Maximum Range: Customized
Multi Spindle Drill Heads, which commonly known as porous drill, multi-axis drilling device, multi-axis machine tool or multi-axis head, is a new hole processing equipment. Several or more than twenty holes or threads can be processed one time by a common multi-axis drilling device and an ordinary drilling machine (involves bench drill, vertical drilling, radial drilling, drilling and milling machine, etc.), which can greatly improved the production efficiency of tapping or drilling.
Multi Spindle Heads is widely used in the machinery industry for drilling and tapping of porous parts. For example, porous parts of automobile and motorcycle (such as, Engine box, aluminum casting shell, brake drums, brake discs, steering gears, wheels, differential housing, shaft head, semi-axis, axle, etc.), pumps, valves, hydraulic units, solar accessories and so on.
The spindle quantity and spindle space of Multi Spindle Heads can be adjusted arbitrarily within its processing scope, and several holes can be machined by one time feeding at the same time. When working with hydraulic machine, fast forward, feed (feed back), rewind, stop can all be automatically carried out. Compared with uniaxial drill (tapping), the workpiece can be machined with high precision and efficiency, which can save the human resource as well as material and financial resources for investors, especially the automation of machine tool can greatly reduce the operator's labor intensity. In addition to use of conventional products, special design is available for Multi Spindle Drill Heads according to the product characteristics of customer.
Purros Machinery Co.,Ltd specializes in production and sales of adjustable two-axis, three-axis, and four-axis multi-axis device. Variety of fixed multi - axis device can be made as well.