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Adjustable 2 Spindle Drilling Heads PR001

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Hydro Speed RegulatorUSD 58.80/piece
Hydro Speed RegulatorUSD 238.80/piece
Roller Burnishing ToolsUSD 259.90/piece
Roller Burnishing ToolsUSD 229.90/piece
Multi Spindle HeadUSD 468.80/piece
Multi Spindle HeadUSD 518.80/piece
Self Feed Drill UnitUSD 898.80/piece
Special Purpose MachineUSD 000.00/piece

Adjustable 2 Spindle Drill Heads for Drilling and Tapping

Adjustable Multi-Spindle Heads are designed for use with drilling machinery. They can be used with drill presses, milling machines, automatic drills, CNC machining centers and many other power sources. They can improve your drilling operations by performing multiple operations in a single step. Operations such as drilling countersinking, reaming or tapping multiple holes are accomplished in one operation. Adjustable Multi-spindle drill heads have proved to be the most versatile method to drill and/or tap close spaced holes.


Multi-Spindle Head is mounted on the drilling, tapping machine cutter head, and is more than two shaft processing drilling or tapping parts at the same time, So it is called Multi-Spindle Head. A typical Multi-Spindle Head is fitted with an ordinary drilling machine that can machining the holes or screws from a few number to ten or even twenty by one time. As with pneumatic (hydraulic device), can be automatically fast forward, fast working (work out), back, and stop. Usually, Multi-Spindle head is called group of drill, general model can drill 2 to 16 holes at the same time that can greatly improve efficiency. The number of fixed model shaft is not restricted. The shape and size of drill shaft can be designed and machined according to customer requirments. The main structure of UIU(multi-spindle automatic machine/Multi-Spindle head/Multi-Spindle drill/masses drill) is composed of gear case with cross-pin type joint, easy to adjust the limit from machining gear pitch, save the adjustive time, also reduce the dead angle restrictions, suitable for machining the workpiece of near the circumferential distribution of the holes. The gear, bearing, output shaft and universal joint are adopted powerful series that suitable for machining steel parts such as stress force occasions. In order to protect the lifetime of universal joint head, the moving range shall not exceed 15 degrees, equal to the vertical around 30mm or less.