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Home:Milling: HRC 60 Ball End Mills, 50-75mm Overall Length

HRC 60 Ball End Mills, 50-75mm Overall Length

  • Total amount:$ 14.99
  • Quantity: *
Hydro Speed RegulatorUSD 58.80/piece
Hydro Speed RegulatorUSD 238.80/piece
Roller Burnishing ToolsUSD 259.90/piece
Roller Burnishing ToolsUSD 229.90/piece
Multi Spindle HeadUSD 468.80/piece
Multi Spindle HeadUSD 518.80/piece
Self Feed Drill UnitUSD 898.80/piece
Special Purpose MachineUSD 000.00/piece

●Type: Ball End Mills
●Radius: 0.5-6mm
●Length Of Cut: 2-24mm
●Shank Diameter: 3-12mm
●Overall Length: 50-75mm
●Helix Angle: 35 Degrees
●Cutting Material Hardness: 60 Degrees
●Number of Flutes: 2
●Coated: TISIN
●Size: (Radius) x (Length Of Cut) x (Shank Diameter) x (Overall Length)

R0.5 x 2C x 4 x 50L: $14.99

R0.75 x 3C x 4 x 50L: $15.49

R1.0 x 4C x 4 x 50L: $15.99

R1.25 x 5C x 4 x 50L: $16.49

R1.5 x 6C x 3 x 50L: $16.99

R1.5 x 6C x 4 x 50L: $17.49

R2.0 x 8C x 4 x 50L: $17.99

R2.5 x 10C x 5 x 50L: $18.49

R2.5 x 10C x 6 x 50L: $18.99

R3.0 x 12C x 6 x 50L: $19.49

R4.0 x 16C x 8 x 60L: $27.99

R5.0 x 20C x 10 x 75L: $35.99

R6.0 x 24C x 12 x 75L: $44.99